We would like to describe the terrain and the conditions on the site as good as we can, so that you can better estimate how accessible the AMS is for you.

The site is in the middle of the forest, most of it is meadow, and it is on a slope. You can reach it by car. But the pathway on the ground itself is quite steep, e.g. in order to reach the main stages. They are accessible via the meadow, one of them requires a short trail through the forest. The camping and caravan area can be reached without a big slope over the meadow. At the beginning of the area there are 3 houses, the ground around them is partly gravel and partly paved. The large cinema room can be reached via a rather steep ramp. The seminar rooms are at ground level and can be reached over a small doorstep.

Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair accessible car for a shuttle from the train station, but there is a 7-seater bus with plenty of room and storage space to transfer people from wheelchairs to the car if needed.
A wheelchair accessible porta-potty is on site. The single shower in the wash house is accessible via a ramp. A shower chair is available. The passageways are rather narrow. Alternatively, there is a ground level communal shower in the same building.

It can often be noisy, especially in the evenings during the concerts. These end around 2 am. However, on some stages music continues until the early morning hours. For rest and retreat needs, workshop tents and rooms can be used when there are no workshops going on. We expect around 800 - 1000 people to come on the weekend of the camp.
The site is completely surrounded by forest, where it is also very quiet. In the forest, there is also a quiet sleeping area, among the trees (with roots). You will still hear noise though from the stages – just a little less loud. There is also the possibility to rent a sleeping place in the Kesselberghaus. This house is appr. 3,2 km down the road from the AMS-site. A bed there costs 15 €/night. For reservation you need to contact the management at info@kesselberghaus.de. There are parkingslots available there as well.

Communication on the AMS is mainly in German. To reduce language barriers, we always try to arrange English workshops, and in some there is a whispered translation. In some cases, there is material to read along in English or in other languages.

As the camp takes place in the forest, it gets very dark at night. We try to light paths and obstacles well. Light effects are used during the evening events, sometimes strobe lights. It is also possible that a fog machine will be used during some parts of the program.
We are aware that barriers can be very diverse and different from each other. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us or call us during the set up (from 08/12/2023). To the best of our ability, we will try to respond to you individually and describe other conditions as needed. However, please understand that we cannot change the premises themselves.
E-mail: ams@fest-spiel-haus.de
Phone: 07723/8739911