What is the AMS Camp?

Understanding, criticising, creating: this is our aim at the yearly AMS Camp (formerly known as „Action, Moon and Stars“). This year, the AMS takes place on a camping site near the small town of St. Georgen in southern Germany's famous Black Forest. We want to create an autonomous and self-governed space with lectures, workshops, and cultural events around the topics of gender, anti-capitalism and political theories. Every interaction during the Camp, including reproductive activities such as cooking and cleaning or organisational tasks, are a means for us of enhancing our political self-reflection. Of course, there is also plenty of room for socialising and for a range of other activities that happen daily on stages, in tents, and in the forest: theatrical and musical performances, art installations, practical workshops, parties, dance-floors and more.


The AMS relies on everyone’s participation. We need your support with building and setting up stages, tents and bars before the Camp, as well as with cooking, cleaning or translating discussions during the Camp. At the central Info-Point tent you can sign up for your favourite activity and help run the AMS. Besides reproductive tasks, there is also technical stuff, security and awareness shifts to be filled.


Unfortunately, the AMS is not independent from external funds. We therefore count on your financial support. Your voluntary donation will help us a lot in making the AMS possible (suggested amount: 30-60 €). This you can pay at the entrance of the Camp or in the Info-Point during your stay. However, if you cannot afford to donate anything, you are still more than welcome to join and take part in the Camp – we are organised in solidarity!


At the AMS, we try alternative organising structures. This is why food for all is provided by a self-organised people's kitchen, who cook vegan, ecological and seasonal – every day! While they organise the food stuff and equipment everyone on the Camp can play a part in preparing and giving out the food as well as cleaning up dishes afterwards. Like on the Camp itself, the philosophy is “pay as much as you can”, so everyone gets a full plate.


There is a big area for private tents directly on the premise, as well as a more quiet one in the forest next to the site. If you plan to sleep in a car / caravan / van, you need to register in advance, so we can assure you a spot on the “Wagenplatz” next to the Camp: Anmeldung

What can I do?

Organising the camp - before, during and after!

There are many possibilities to help with setting up and taking down the stages, the bars or the tents, as well as with decorating, cooking, or painting in preparation of the camp. We start setting up everything on site on Saturday, 18 August 2019 and take everything down again immediately after the camp from 26-30 August. Before reaching the Camp Site, we also need helping hands in Simmersfeld (another town in Northern Black Forest), where we pack boxes and load trucks from 13.-18. August. If you are interested in helping during any of these times, please let us know by e-mail to ams-camp(at)fest-spiel-haus.de

A camp for everyone!

We want the AMS to be a place where everyone feels comfortable and accepted. However, we live in a society where sexism, racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination and oppression are part of everyday life. Even at the AMS and other events with an emancipatory claim, discrimination happens. Our response to this issue is to maximise awareness and to take a firm stance against any acts of discrimination or abuse. We have established an awareness structure (Rosa Capi Gang), who are approachable at all times during the Camp. They are noticable by their pink hats. You can also contact any bar at all times.


The AMS site is located in the middle of a forest. Most of it is meadow, and it is on a slope. We are aware that barriers can be very diverse and different from each other. We are aware that barriers can be very diverse and different people have different needs. We have therefore tried to describe the terrain and the conditions as good as possible. You find the information here If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us or call us during the set up (from 12 August onwards). To the best of our ability, we will try to respond to you individually and describe other conditions as needed. However, please understand that we cannot change the premises themselves. E-mail: ams[ät]fest-spiel-haus.de  Phone: 07723/8739911


We strive to allow access to non-German speakers in all our programme. However, we have to admit that a lot of the lectures and spoken-word performances are in German. We work on having most Camp-related displays bi-lingual (German and English) and on offering translation-corners during the daily announcements. For this we require everyone's participation. Let us know during the announcements, if you need a translation! The workshops and discussions are organised independently, often there are simultaneous translations available from other participants, some may even switch into English. Let the lecturers/organisers know at the beginning what you need. If you are interested in giving translations during the Camp or have ideas and feedback, please let us know.


For any questions, feel free to contact us at ams-camp(at)fest-spiel-haus.de, or visit our home page https://amscamp.de. From Friday, 11.8.23, 2 pm we are reachable at 07723 - 8739911.


The AMS Camp takes place at a camping site called „Stöcklewald“ in St. Georgen, a small town in the south of the Black Forest. It is located between the towns of Furtwangen, Triberg and Schönwald, and is surrounded by woods.


Zeltlagerplatz Stöcklewald
Fritz-Lamm-Bildungsstätte / Kurt-Roth-Haus
D-78120 Furtwangen

GPS: 48.08834, 8.24928

Arriving by car: There is a parking lot at the big road before turning into the forest. From there, it's a short walk up to the Camp site. Shuttles can help you with your luggage.

Arriving by train: Take the „Schwarzwaldbahn“ (train between Karlsruhe and Konstanz), get off at „St. Georgen“ train station. From Thursday, 17 August, there is a regular shuttle service from the train station to the AMS site. If you plan to arrive during the setting-up of the Camp, send us an email (ams-camp(at)fest-spiel-haus.de) or call us (07723 - 8739911) and we'll pick you!