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All you need to know

To understand, to critique and to create: that is our aim at the annual AMS, the „Action, Moon and Stars“ camp. This year, the AMS will be held in the small town of St. Georgen in southern Germany’s famous Black Forest. Our aim is to create an autonomous and self-governed space with lectures, workshops, and cultural events. We also want to use every interaction during the camp, such as communal cooking, cleaning or organisational tasks, as a means of enhancing our political self-reflection. Of course there is also room for partying and for a range of other activities that happen every day on the stages, in the tents, and in the forest: theatrical and musical performances, art installations, and much more.

We need your support!

The AMS relies on everyone’s support. We need your help with building and dismantling stages, tents and bars, as well as with cooking in the „Volxküche Maulwurf“, the People’s Kitchen „Mole“. But we also count on your financial support. Making a voluntary donation of between 25 and 35 Euros will help us a lot in making the AMS possible. But if you cannot afford to donate anything, you are still cordially invited to join and take part in the camp!

The setup week and the dismantling week

There are many possibilities to help with setting up and with taking down the stages, the bars or the tents, as well as with decorating, cooking, or painting. The setup week will begin on Friday, 26 August, and the dismantling week after the camp will last till Friday, 9 September. If you are interested in helping during either or both of these times, please let us know by e-mail to


At the AMS we want to try new things. This is why food for all is provided by the „Maulwurf“, the people’s kitchen from Freiburg. The Maulwurf is a self-organised communal and interactional kitchen, where everyone can help and play a part. The food provided by the „Mole“ is vegan, ecological and seasonal, and is given out on a „pay as much as you can“ basis.

A camp for everyone!

We want the AMS to be a place where everyone feels comfortable and accepted.
But we live in a society where sexism, racism, antisemitism and other forms of discrimination and oppression are part of everyday life. Even at AMS and other events with an emancipatory claim, discrimination can happen. Our response to this issue is to maximise awareness and to take a firm stance against any acts of discrimination or abuse.


The AMS will take place at a camping site called „Stöcklewald“ in St. Georgen, a small town in the south of the Black Forest.

The address is:

Zeltlagerplatz Stöcklewald
Fritz-Lamm-Bildungsstätte / Kurt-Roth-Haus
D-78120 Furtwangen

The camping site is located between the towns of Furtwangen, Triberg and Schönwald, and is surrounded by woods.

Approach by train: Take „Black Forest Line“–„Schwarzwaldbahn“, get off at the „St. Georgen“ train station, and look out for our shuttle service that will bring you to the campsite.


If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at ams-camp(at), or visit our home page